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Kovalev A.S., Alfeyeva Ye.L., Polshakova N.V., Morozova O.Yu.

The use of present-day high quality components of electronics plays a defining role in information processing reliability in PC. The application of motherboards with the new technology Ultra Durable 2 with system logic Intel 3x, including Х38, Р35, G35, G33, P31 and G31, allows raising the faultless performance of a PC at the expense of solid-electrolyte board capacitors possessing ultralow losses. The MOS-transistors with ultralow opened impedance are also used in these boards. It provides a reduced energy consumption at their switching over and allows performing a higher operating speed, that implies a low heat generation.

Using a quad-core processor Intel Core 2 Quad and a display card NVIDIA GeForce 8800 SLI Direct, X10-enabled, a high work quality is provided with resource-intensive multimedia applications and graphic programs.

The deployment of the new accelerator card HD 2600 X2 constructed on the basis of two processors ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT allows reaching a burst performance of video acceleration if operating at one monitor. Such a component is rated at one PCI Express x16 slot setting and is equipped with 1 Gbyte storage space video buffer GDDR3 running on effective frequency of 1600 MHz, and clock rate of the video core is performed at the frequency of 800 MHz. There is an S-video TV-output and four DVI video-output, which is possible to connect with four monitors with resolution of 2650х1600 dots.

The card supports a high resolution video and is equipped with the HDCP content defence technology, that, in its turn, allows connecting high definition displays and panels. This card also supports an HDMI digital interface when using a special DVI-HDMI jumper. It is compatible with the computers constructed on the basis of system logic sets AMD 580X CrossFire, AMD CrossFire Express 3200, Intel 975X Express and Intel P35 Express. The card is used with the operating system Microsoft Windows Vista and works with ATI Catalyst drivers and utilities guaranteeing burst performance and work stability.

Using the new display VX1940w with 19-incher wide-screen matrix, where a super-resolution 1680x1050 is combined with ultrahigh operating speed, the response time (grey-to-grey) 2 msec and the dynamic coefficient of contrast up to3000:1 are achieved. In the construction VX1940w several entries are supported, it guarantees wide view angles (170° horizontally and 160° vertically) and brightness 300 cd/m2 - that makes it a perfect solution not only for games, but for DVD viewing and work with traditional applications as well.

In audio cards the sound quality can differ in various motherboards. Even using the same codec models. The quality of the used auxiliary elements, condensator, in particular; the arrangement on the card; the proximity of the components able "to admix" unwanted sounds to the signal play a role.

So, the codec ALC885 meets the requirements of Microsoft Windows Vista Premium, has the signal/noise ratio 106 dB for the digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and 101 dB for the analog-to-digital converter (ADC). Therein the 192 kHz sampling rate support, ten-channel DAC-sound, and also HD DVD support are realized.

All the computer industry last words are carried by the Raser Barracuda AC1 card. The external package of the card serves as a cooldown radiator and form for interfaces.

The eight-channel DAC AKM 4396 and operational amplifiers JRC 4580 are better in quality than in Creative X-Fi Extreme Music/Platinum/Fata1ity. The chip cards СМI878 С-Media excels by the ability to reproduce correctly the sampling rate of 44,1 kHz, apart from 48/96/192 kHz; the choice of pedestal frequency being possible to be performed manually.

The most reliable and qualitative audio card Creative X-Fi Elite Pro has more failproof DAC (Cirrus Logic CS4398) and operating amplifiers of the X-Fi-series. It has 4 DAC, two channels, dynamic range of 120 dB. For providing maximally qualitative supply there are large groups of electrolytic capacitors. The processor frequency is 400 MHz. The inputs and outputs commutation is performed with the help of electromagnetic relays, substituting electronic switches, that increases the reliability and sound transmission integrity.

Also in this card ones of the currently best amplifiers are used: JRC2114 and JRC2068. The bandpass flatness (from 40Hz to 15 kHz) makes +0,03, -0,08 dB, noise content - 103,6 dB (А), dynamic range - 103,2 dB (А), harmonic distortions - 0,0025 %, mutual penetration of channels - 104,4 dB.

Using a new laser mouse pointing device with antibacterial coating LEXMA NanoGuard one can be sure to eliminate and deactivate bacteria with 100 % efficiency factor. A potent laser unit performs the sensor´s resolution ratio of 2000 DPI. The reading speed is 40 times higher than in a usual optical mouse. The programmed keys support more than 50 customizing settings. It runs on any surface including glass.

Using a new DVD-18 format (dual-sided double layer one) for standard disks of 120 mm, one can obtain the capacity of 18 Gbytes and even 51 Gbytes (for three layer disks of 17 Gbytes per side). The Blu-ray technology disks are more promising. Using double layer Blu-ray carriers the information storage capacity up to 50 Gbytes is obtained. Six layer disks of 200 Gbytes capacity have been already created. Eight layer disks of 300 Gbytes storage capacity are being developed.

The holographic principle of disk storage information appears to be a more promising and brought to the real application one. On a standard disk of 120 mm at the reading speed of  120 Mbytes/sec one can record up to 1,6 Tbytes of information.

The article is admitted to the III International Scientific Conference «Modern Education. Problems and Solutions», (Thailand, Bangkok-Pattaya) December 19-27, 2007, came to the editorial office on 15.11.07