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Nikulina I.E., Soloviev M.A.
PGM becomes more popular, as one of the method of running the University. Using it, one can increase the probability of successful fulfillment of each particular direction of development organization. It is especially essential when each direction is a strategic priority of organization development. The basic features of PGM of university educational work, methodology of its using, and the main advantages are viewed in this article. Tomsk Polytechnic University has several program of innovation development. One of such program is improving the educational work. The practical realization of basic principles of PGM implements on accomplishment this very program.
The system approach of running the University involves different methods of management. One of such method is program goal management (PGM). Using it. one can increase the probability of successful fulfillment of each particular direction of development organization. It is especially essential when each direction is a strategic priority of organization development.

Using PG method especially effective when it is required to accelerate the solving of different problems. For examples, providing educational activity by necessary and sufficient resources and developing new managerial and educational technology [1, 2, 3].

Development of educational work according to the PGM can be characterized by different features. These features help to reveal and understand the main point of such development, filled with general ideas of top managers, and reconstruct the process of education in accordance with prospective goals and indicators of its achievement [1. 2. 3].

The examples of these features are:

  1. Orientation of education to reaching the certain results.
  2. Purposeful aspiration of education from existing state to wishful one It can help to change the external and internal environments of educational institution.
  3. The development of University with help of PGM has its time limits. Every program has its beginning and ending. It allows accumulating the resources on each stages of certain educational project implantation.
  4. Financial and material support of educational process in University is closely connected with budgeting. More over, when one plans the items of next period budget, it is necessary to consider the priority of realized in University program.
  5. The development if University by PGM is always innovative.
  6. Every action in Program should be providing by personnel. That´s why it stimulates the qualitative personnel selection and its development.
  7. The program of educational work development in University is closely connected with  program of other sphere´s development.

So, the program of educational work development in University consists of different interconnected action for reaching certain strategic aims, when the time, financial, and material resources are limited.

The PGM is a method where the top managers of University try to reach the certain aims in educational work development. It can be realized using the stage - by - stage mechanism. First stage is forming the hierarchy of goals. The second one is elaboration the list of interconnected actions, which forms the program of development. The third one is creating the mechanism of program realization. The fours one is forming the system of controlling and monitoring the program

In general, the creation of development program includes forming the: stages of program, and mechanism of maintaining the reaching goals process. But, the program of education development is not just a sum of interconnected actions. It is a system of correlated measures which results in synergetic effect.

Program can be characterized by the number of features:

  1. Integrity. One of the main feature, which stimulates for increasing of effectiveness of managerial work in University. It can be realized through the correlation between goals, objectives and actions.
  2. Actuality. Program should solve the most important problems of educational sphere
  3. Predictability. It means that goal should consider not only requirements of this day, but the prospective ones.
  4. Rationality. It means that goal and the ways of its achievement, considering all available resources, help to get the maximum result.
  5. Correspondence with reality. The program should provide the correspondence between
    wishful and possible state of educational work, considering limits of resources.
  6. Controllability. It means existence not only final general goal, but intermediate ones to control the correspondence of every- results to final goal.
  7. Sensitivity to faultiness. It is feature, which helps to reveal the forthcoming threats for accomplishing planned aims and definite deviation real state from panning one The more program detailed the more sensitivity to faultiness and distance between check points lower. Sensitivity allows managers of University to posses enough time for making decision in case of faultiness.

PGM can be successfully realized in every stage of management. In the stage of planning of University educational work PGM provide orientation of the plan to accomplish final results. PGM allows correlating the available resources to the interconnected actions of program. In the stage of organizing of educational process management PGM helps to achieve essential interaction and cooperation between the head of department, head of institution and other supervisors and executor of every planning actions In the motivation stage PGM supposes leading in University the remuneration system depending on reached results More over, PGM increase the effectiveness of controlling, because all necessary resources and time for execution of every action are definite.

The realization of PGM in University is actual in following cases:

  • Realization of certain development program, which is connected with purposeful distribution of resources;
  • Forming a new terms of functioning of research and development system elements;
  • When it is necessary to concentrate forces for quick recovery of organization and developing educational process;
  • Orientation to final results, which leads to quickly solving the problems and mobilize available reserves of University
  • Necessary coordination of subsystem goals to main goal of organization (for example, education work development program and complex university development program)
  • Improvement of management system of University
  • Changing the strategic plan of University development
  • Realization of educational system reform

Practical value of PGM in University is obvious, because it helps to reveal the key problems of development. Also PGM provides process of forming strategic goals and objectives and its effective reaching. The great effect is accomplished by decreasing some functions of top management in favor of realization of strategic goals.

The complex program, which is called "Improvement of educational work in Tomsk Polytechnic University", is a part of complex development program of University Goal of this programis creating and realization educational program of high quality. Other goal is studying and retraining specialists of world level, who oriented on creating competitive products and making positive changes in economy of the Country.

The program of educational work improvement in University has a number of priority goals. Realization of these goals can be controlled by the special indicators (see Figure 1).Management system of educational work, corresponding to Innovative University has a number of following requirements:

  1. Reforming the management hierarchy of educational work;
  2. Working out the legal norm of reforming;
  3. Changing the structure of studying system;
  4. Opening new educational program, which meets the demand of labor market;
  5. Perfection the contents of educational program.

Al these requirements can be fulfilled by the realization of the next directions of development.

Perfection the technology of educational work, considering the world experience might be accomplished by different measures:

  • Realization the University educational process based on credit system. It corresponds with main principles of Bologna declaration
  • Increasing a number of Master´s Degree programs in University; -   Application the innovative technology in educational process, which can help forming the special knowledge about the professional competence area.

Forming the system of practical studying of specialists, which is correspond with requirements of labor market includes:

  1. Developing the project-oriented education;
  2. Increasing the role of laboratory training for developing the creativity of students;
  3. Elaborating the system of probation work for students:

Opening the branch of the University in the enterprises and R&D organizations. Creating the modern monitoring system of education quality and studying specialists allows maintaining the process of rectifying errors. These errors might appear during the realization of development program. Also such system helps to efficiently react to different changes in external and internal environments. Quality management system ISO 9001-2000, which were applied in TPU, designing and modeling the block-schemes of education process help to realize the independent estimation of education quality in TPU.

Figure  1.  Realization of these goals can be controlled by the special indicators

Forming the long life learning and retraining system, includes:
  • Marketing research of regional, Russian and foreign labor markets;
  • Analyzing the demand of enterprises and its requirements to specialists;
  • Growth a number of contracts with key enterprises in sphere of cooperation in studying and retraining personnel;
  • Organizing the annual advertisement actions, Olympiads and competitions for attraction a new talented youths in University

The main tasks here are renewal the contents of distance education programs, development the system of long life learning and creating the graduators job placement system.

Elaboration and realization the international educational programs, as element of the University development program. It means the creation the educational programs which are based on credit system and experience of University -partners. The partners of TPU are Universities, which are members of CLUSTER and CESAER associations. Organizing the academic exchange of students and lecturers between TPU and other world famous Universuties.

All elements of program, which were mentioned above, need in different resources. The main resource of University is personnel. It is absolutely impossible to realize this program without continuously mastering of University personnel. That´s why it is necessary to create a system of raising the levels of professional skills, improving the foreign languages skills, getting by the lectures of TPU the Cambridge certificates. Also applying new technology of educations, creating interuniversity R&D centers, and forming remuneration system for personnel are actual for realization of this very program.

Consequently, considering today´s situation and future opportunities and risks, realization of educational work development program in University helps to form the recommendations about educational process changes. Also it can change the educational process, and make managers refuse from functioning project in favor of new managerial decisions. All it helps to modify the educational system in a better way.


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