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European Journal of Natural History
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Azhikova A.K.

The problem of cover skin affects researches of scientists in many generations. But the experimental works haven´t discover yet the molecular mechanisms, the dynamics sexual and age changes of collagenic derma skin. The skin-is the organism´s protective barrier from the outside influence. Besides this, it connects organism with the environment, participating in process of metabolic. The skin affects condition of organism´s environment - homeostasis. A lot of scientists devote their publications to skin´s construction and functions (Kalantaevskaja K.A., 1965; Chernukha A.M. with co-avtors,1982).The constant cellular components of epidermis are keratinocytes, melanocytes, langergans cells, Merkel´s cells, Grenstein´s cells. Besides this, in epithelial layer of skin there are migratorys cells, in particular lymphocytes (S.., et al., 1993).

The purpose of our research is the study of skins features depending on sex organism. The subject of research are the sterile white rats masculine and female sex with average bulk of 250 gr. In the capacity of the subject was the back´s skin of interscapular area with the area of 2 cm2. The rats were killed by dislocation cervical vertebras. The material for the research took 12 days later after cutting off the scalp in examined area. Such procedure was made 2 days later, in order to avoid stress from skin irritation because of scissors and razor. The histological working of skin´s cuts began from preserving in 10 % formaline later on, according to the used method, "conduct" in alcohols with different concentrations of 70-100 covered and coloured with hemotoxylin and eosin. Reading of preparations put into practice with the help of light microscope.

The apparatus "Morpholog" (Russia) determined the epitheliums thickness (to corneous layer); the measures conducted with increasing *20 in all fields of vision of each animal skin; the total number of measuring in the group was 50. The histological study of skins models of interscapular part of white ratsbodies at male and female discovered the line appropriatenesses. Males epidermis has larger thickness than female´s , and the corneous layer developed very good. The hypoderm developed less than the weaker sex. Back´s skin has few growth papilla epidermis. The models of studied skins fragments offered by epidermis (Ep) and derma with hypoderma and skeletal muscle. Ep. consists of 4 layers. The height of Malpigian layer consist of 1-3 cells; in separate parts reaches to 10; the form of ceratinocytes basal mainly cubical.

The granular layer is well-expressed and as a rule counts 3-4 rows of cell; keratinocytes of granular layer sometimes overloaded with keratogialin. The corneous layer is notable for polymorphism. So, the parts of compact keratin with thin layer alternate with friable arrangements of keratins layers. The dystrophic of modification cells Ep. become in the form of vacuolization and meet rarely. The dermoepidermal interface is clear.

So, after the example of back´s interscapular part was studies the sex difference of skin. The researches showed that the females Malpigian thickness is smaller for sure than male´s.

The work is submitted to Scientific Conference "The Problems of International Integration of Educational Standards", England (London) - France (Paris), April 20-28, 2009. Came to the Editor´s Office on 27.02.2009.