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European Journal of Natural History
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Bunina O.A.

Today the issue of ecology and rational nature management in the territorial complex scheme of the town-planning of Stavropol is considered according to "residual principle". At the same time in accordance with contemporary realias the development of approaches and methods allowing more completely to take into account a specific character of environmental factors of a territory is an urgent question during the development of town-planning policy.

Characterizing the main problems of the existing system of planting of trees and gardens in Stavropol it should be noted the following ones [4, 5]:

  • a low provision of Stavropol with green areas in comparison with regulations;
  • incompleteness of forming the uniform system of planting of the city including the system of forest parks, parks and gardens which meets contemporary town-planting, sanitary-ecological and recreational demands and will become the bases of ecological infrastructure;
  • not carried out a passport system of objects of vegetation and not organized monitoring of a condition of green plantations as a basis of its current forming and management;
  • the absence of qualitative and any other lawns within town boundaries with the exception of a central historical part of the town;
  • a self-acquisition of municipal lands, a destruction of forest edges, a mass collections of prevernal plants, firing grass led to creeping fire, the absence of sanitary and improvement felling have resulted that forests becomes unattractive and littery places serving as dumps.

Contemporary forests within the town differ from each other by degree of safety. The Krugliy and Tamanskiy forests are subjected to the most recreational load. The recreational load is less in the Russian forest. However the felling especially of fine wood is more intensive here. The Chlinskiy and Mamayskiy forests are more surviving because of a relative isolation from residential areas. The widest variety of wood-shrubby kinds are registered here. Now almost all plantings demand a realization of some measures on increasing their resistance.

The square of Stavropol forests rapidly declines as a result of the town-planning policy of "point" building up. A large-scale offensive upon boundaries of forests has been developing for last 15 years. New apartment houses closely border with the territory of the forests or are wedge in it (an apartment complex "Garden-City", "Silver keys", "Alexandrovskiy Park" [1].

The role of green planting is very important in organizing a comfortable healthy habitat of a man in the town that it is difficult to overestimate it. That´s why the system of green planting must be a basis of an ecological town-planning frame of the town. Unfortunately we can observe opposite processes in practice in Stavropol. The difficult ecological situation has reached crisis point connected with multitude forestry infringement. The necessary attention and supports of reforestation is absent. The planting of greenery is only in the central part and the outskirts are unattractive, unhealthy and uncomfortable from the point of view of places for living.

There is direct evidence of an absence of a complex approach to the different types of using of environmental objects. Numerous analyses of ecologists of Stavropol report about a threatening number of tree diseases in the town. So accordingly with researches of the leading recreational object of the town the Park Victory is in danger of rapid degradation in 15-30 years [2, 3].

So the condition of the environment in Stavropol which is not put on the list of cities with a high index of pollution is not very dangerous for population health. But it is necessary a variety of measures for its enhancement. Particularly it is necessary for improvement of an ecological situation to enlarge the area of green-planting territories, to relieve a number of traffic highways, to stop building on the territories with high degree of building up and etc.

Landscape and ecological analysis allow using a complex approach in the management when it should be taken into consideration landscape and ecological peculiarities of the territory while making every decision. Recommendations dealing with town-planning on the basis of landscape and ecological approach allow increasing the efficiency of planning of a town territory.

The work is submitted to the International environmental forum "Ecology of a big city", March 18-20, 2009, St. Petersburg. Came to the editorial office on 25.02.2009.